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Photo by Camila Bruce

About Melissa Baller

Melissa is a versatile entrepreneur with a journey rooted in personal growth and holistic well-being. In 2018, Melissa found the self-healing power of breathwork during a challenging period of overcoming a traumatic past time. After a transformative plant ceremony, she was shown that her breathing patterns affected her emotions and thought process. Knowing of breathwork from previously practicing it as an athlete, Melissa this time turned to it to help her heal her chronic conditions that had manifested from her trauma.

After a year of practice, Melissa gained control over her thoughts and began intentionally living and creating the life she has always dreamed of. Her own transformation inspired her to share breathwork globally, especially considering widespread improper breathing. Over the years, she's coached thousands, created online courses, music, and videos, hosted retreats, and performed at events. She now also includes sound healing therapies in combination with breathwork. Melissa shares breathwork and sound healing nationally and internationally.

Melissa expanded her skills by becoming certified in Reiki level II in 2023. She's also an artist, coordinates events + retreats, and was a fitness/nutrition coach. She shares much of this knowledge as a part-time therapy specialist at a concussion clinic, helping patients learn how to naturally regulate their nervous systems. Outside work, Melissa enjoys spontaneous adventures, family time, and savoring great food. Melissa is more than an entrepreneur; she's dedicated to supporting the holistic health of others as well as contributing to world peace.

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