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About Melissa Baller

Melissa Baller is a multifaceted entrepreneur and has been facilitating breathwork sessions since 2019. Her journey began with breathwork in early 2018 where she had a huge awakening out of a dark and isolated depression. After a powerful plant ceremony, she discovered that she was improperly breathing, which was causing her mind to be out of her control. Having done breathwork in the past for athletic purposes, she turned to it again but this time for mental, emotional, and spiritual support. 


After a year of consistent practice and integration, she finally felt free from her thoughts controlling her reality. She began to see the differences between subconscious thinking and conscious thinking, and now is creating the life of her dreams. After experiencing how much breathwork has helped her become her healthiest and most conscious self, and learned of the pandemic of improper breathing happening in the world, Melissa sparked a huge passion of teaching the practice to others. 


Over the last few years, Melissa has coached hundreds of people in groups and 1:1 sessions, created an online breathwork course along with guided breathwork music, guided YouTube videos and online workshops, co-hosted wellness retreats, and was the opening act for a Music and Art Festival. She travels nationally and internationally to teach this ancient healing modality with the intention of helping others understand the true power of the breath. Additionally, Melissa is working part-time at a Functional Neurology Chiropractic clinic as a CA that specializes in teaching breathwork to patients with concussions and other neurological conditions.

Melissa also DJs, produces music, creates multiple types of art, and is a retreat coordinator. Additionally, she has taught yoga, qigong, and was a former fitness coach. For fun, Melissa is an active spontaneous adventurer that loves to travel, hike, climb, do parkour, longboard, spend time with her family and cats, and is a foodie.

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